Are you happy? Like your job?

Most people just aren’t happy in their job. And they point their finger at the work culture, a mean boss… co-worker… or customer. Mean people really suck. In this book, explore how you don’t have to be a victim of mean. Empathy, kindness and self-reflection can save us all. In a world that seems a little too mean these days. Let’s start a movement to suck a little less.

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About Michael

Michael is the best-selling author of 3 books including Mean People Suck – how empathy leads to bigger profits and a better life, The Content Formula, and Digital Marketing Growth Hacks.

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As a Keynote Speaker, Michael Brenner brings his passion, experience, along with a real desire to teach audiences how to move from inspiration to action.

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Activating Employees For Business Growth

The Art of Stories - Presentations That Connect

Leadership and Culture Change

Customer-Centricity and The Power of Empathy

The Future of Marketing

Personal Branding and Employee Engagement

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How to Live Your Best Life Despite Mean People

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